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Without even having to develop your product

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14 emails, 14 steps to do your product-market test

Don’t spend 6 months in development without testing your market fit.

Follow the steps during 2 weeks to recruit your first users (even without product) and demonstrate that the offer/idea is the right one.

Saving time, derisking the product, securing an audience are all topics behind our Product-Market Fitest concept.

The 4 first days

Understand users and the problem



focus on the problem

The most important thing for an entrepreneur is to answer a problem. The Five Ws are questions whose answers are considered basic in information-gathering. They include Who, What, When, Where, and Why. It helps you to get the whole story on a topic



Ask user first

Discuss the problem you identified with your prospects or potential clients



Define the user journey

With all the material you gathered during your user research, you now have all the elements to understand the experience they expected, the experience they really had and understand the experience they would like to have.



Get inspiration

Identify best practices and position competitors

The 6 following days

Create the product-market test



Find your Unique value proposition

Before launching into your solution, you need to take a moment to position yourself with respect to your targets and the problem you are trying to solve. You will then define your unique value proposition.



Imagine your solution

Create solution sketches and ideas to solve your target problem



Choose the test (based on Pretotype)

Define the basis of your test (based on the pretotypoe) i.e. you have to present your solution to users by making them believe it exists



Create the test (Focus on Landing page)

Build the landing page that will support your target engagement test



Find you 500 first visitors

Here, you have to find a way to bring 100 or 1000 visitors to your landing page. All means are good: Ads, Reddit, Facebook groups, LinkedIn ...



Setup the tracking and launch

Measure the acquisition, the behaviours and the conversion of your test

The 4 last days

Test and analyze the result of your Product-Market Fit



Monitor and manage your test

Make sure the test is on track and that you will have enough data at the end of the test



Analyze your test

Analyze your acquisition and conversion rates based on your assumptions ZYX



What to do with your first user ?

Build your early adopter community to drive your product building



Next step to building your product/service

Plan your roadmap to build your product and service in the most efficient way possible.

Based on world class method

Make data-driven decisions
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Available for every product type (Saas, Service, Product,..)

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3 steps to test your product or service

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14 days, 14 newsletters based on proven methodologies

Guides, resources & tools

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Idea tested and first users engaged

In 2 weeks, turn your intuitions into convictions.
Using Pretotype or Design Sprint methods, you will be able to demonstrate to potential investors or to your management that the offer is there and that your idea is the RIGHT one.

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Product-Market Fitest
approved by VCs!

We have tested the Product-Market Fitest with Venture Capital and they love it.

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PMF helped us in our thinking about our solution, especially in prioritizing the targets we needed to reach and in defining our personas.

Maxime P.

Project founder

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The Product-Market fitest secure the decision during a pivot. I would have liked to do it more often.

Thomas J.

VC of a seed fund

It works for startup and corporate too!

The product marker fiter can also be used by startups or corporations


Companies can also use the product market fitest to launch new businesses and develop their offers.


Find your product market fit by testing your personas and market

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Product-Market Fitest was created with love by Digilityx.

Consulting and startup studio

Based in Paris, Digilityx is a consulting firm in UX Design, Product, Marketing and Growth. We test more than 40 ideas per year.

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